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Life as a programmer is quite a funny one, things can really get hard if you are starting out your programming career. Irrespective of the your programming choice, language, etc, you really need to get these three things right, oh yeah, you do.

 Do and learn

One of the best programmers I admire and looked up to as I journey through my own personal career puts it this way:

As I do I learn, As I learn I do

Simple right?

Success in programming is a product of practical execution, you have to be a real doer and by that I mean, you’ve got to code!

One of the biggest mistakes starter programmers make is trying to read through the code and figure out the answers with their brain, or maybe write the codes down in some paper,  really?

I see people do that a lot, I did it too, it was a mess until I learn the Rule No 1: the only way to learn is to do.

So cross your heart, and make this vow: I will stop reading and start doing(coding).

Here’s another thing he said to me:

“hey, do you know that the best way to learn how to code is by getting errors in your code!”

This may sound weird to you, until you try to fix some bugs in your code, you’ve not started coding.

 what’s the second rule?

 Focus on the fundamentals

Another big guy thought me this, he will always hit my shoulder and say “focus on the fundamentals”

What really does it mean?

As a beginner, you have access to a large, almost unlimited amount of resources and information you can learn from, ranging from Google queries, Youtube videos to Udemy courses, and millions of web developers communities like Stackoverflow, etc.

With all of these choices and information, you feel alright, but if you don’t know how to maximize these resources you will never grow irrespective of how much of them you have access to. The only way to solve this problem is to stay focused.

Pick the best of resources after you must have made your researches and stay on them. The internet is so large that you can get lost and that will mean declaring you “lost & wanted”

Ok, that was a joke.

But it is of the best practice to give your best to understanding the basics of everything, this is true with programming, it is one step at a time and it all starts from the basics.

Whatever the language of your choice, your first mission as a beginner programmer is to master the fundamentals(basics), you can’t learn everything in one go.

And guess what, the moment you start treating everything as fundamentals, you’d become a good developer.

 Join a gang

Here comes the biggest secret you can ever think of, join a gang!

I don’t know what you are thinking (I hate guns), but what I mean is that you need to make a move and change your circles, from non-programmers to programmers.

Difficult huh?

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Among other things programming will cost and deny you, the biggest of them all is “Time”, how you spend your time (believe you won’t have time for a lot things)  and whom you spend your time with (believe me too, you need geeks to be a geek).

At every point in your programming journey, you will need to be inspired because definitely in this journey you will loose it and get discouraged, especially if you are a self taught programmer. You will need to watch others code and solve problems using crazy algorithms  that will inspire you to do more and grow.

Do and learn, focus on the fundamentals and join a gang, read it again….

There you have it, the three important rules to keep to be successful in the programming world, happy coding!

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