3 things to know about Techflock 2020

Tech flock abia tech hub
Tech flock abia tech hub

The theme innovators connect

The first and biggest innovators hang-out is coming up this july 24th  25th, hope you are making  necessary preparations to be there.

Here are the quick facts about Techflock 2020.

TechFlock is for innovators

 Techflock is an event organized to bring people with innovative passion in various life cycles together.

Abia tech hub

 The organizers (Abia Tech Hub) also made it known that the primary aim of TechFlock is to connect the dots between people of like passions and visions together, especially in fields such as tech, creatives, entrepreneurship and general merchandise.

 Anybody that can think outside the box and create a new and better ways of doing things is a potential innovator, and are welcomed.

TechFlock to inspire

As much as the event speakers are professionals in fields like cyber-security, programming, business, start-ups and finance, events such as this is meant to inspire the young and the old in various ways that will make them embrace the future.

 The future is not necessarily technology, it is what it is, the future is what we want it to be.

Organizer of Tech-Hub

TechFlock is organized by a south-eastern technology company located at No 6 warri street (last floor), Umuahia, Abia State, Nigeria. The event will be holding live in the same address.

 Abia Tech Hub is a team of inspired individuals with different interest in tech, business and entrepreneurship, with a good operational track-records in product development and various services.

We are living in that age where personal value is almost proportional to acquired knowledge & connections, TechFlock is one place to meet people that you may need to hear them talk and be inspired.

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