The progressive introduction of new technology at different eras tends to spark different reactions from the general public and users. Some accept it, some question it, and some just raise conspiracy theories.

Although we use technology like smartphones and social networks daily, there are still some misconceptions about how these products work.

Here are 10 common myths you must have heard about a kind of technology:

1. Leaving Your Phone Charging Overnight Destroys The Battery

There are a lot of questions about cell phone batteries. Should you leave your smartphones plugged in overnight? Is it bad for the phone? Misunderstandings about overcharging of mobile phones are common.

Most devices are smart enough to stop charging after being fully charged, just charge as needed to maintain 100%. Therefore, it is safe to charge your phone at night, just make sure it does not overheat.

2. Browsing Incognito Keeps You Anonymous

One of the biggest tech myths that everything has been blindly believing till now is the fact that browsing on the incognito mode will keep you and your IP address anonymous. We hate to break it to you but that’s not the case at all.

When using incognito mode, the browser doesn’t keep track of your search history and that’s pretty much it. So if you don’t want to keep track of your last search history, you can go incognito, but if you want to shield your data from hackers, going incognito won’t help.

3. More Megapixels Mean Better Picture Quality

The main factors that influence the quality of an image are the megapixel resolution, the quality of lenses being used, and the sensor’s ability to capture light.

If you are using a camera with high-quality sensors and lenses but a lower megapixel count, your camera will be able to produce higher-quality images than a camera with a high megapixel count and lower quality sensors and lenses.

The only reason to buy a camera purely based on the megapixel count is if your goal was to print a very large and detailed image.

Additionally, if the megapixel count is increased without increasing the size of the sensor, this can reduce the amount of light that reaches each pixel.

4. Clearing Background Apps leads to Better Performance

It’s a common myth that clearing background apps will make your smartphone work faster. However, your smartphone’s operating system works differently.

The OS present in your smartphone is smarter than you think, it automatically closes apps from the background as soon as it needs more resources. 

On the other hand, when you clear apps from the background, your device takes even longer to open them again. Don’t believe it? Try it yourself.

5. More Cell Phone Bars Mean Better Service

The number of bars indicated on your cell phone does not translate to better wireless service performance. Instead, they indicate the signal strength to the nearest cell tower.

Several other factors determine the quality of service that you receive, such as the number of other people also connected to the same tower and your service provider.

6. The Web and the Internet are the same

The world wide web and the internet are incorrectly used as synonymous terms. The internet was developed to allow other computers and networks to communicate with one another.

Conversely, the web is composed of all websites which use the internet to pass information through. Therefore, these two terms should not be used interchangeably.

7. Removing USB Devices Without Using a Safe Removal Process Will Corrupt Your USB Device/Computer

Plugging a USB device in your computer enables the ‘safe remove’ option, but is it really important to safely remove your USB devices, and what if you don’t do it? Well, it doesn’t matter if you use this option or not as long as you are not transferring data while unplugging it. 

So, if your USB device is idle, you can remove it directly without any worries.

8. Larger File Size Means Better Video/Audio Quality

Let’s admit, while downloading video or audio files, we always look for large files thinking that the larger file will have better quality compared to smaller files. But this is not true as the size of files depends upon the compression and not the quality. So, a small file can also be of high quality, on the other hand, a large file can be of bad quality. 

9. Turning Your Phone Off, or Turning on the Airplane Mode Will Prevent You From Getting Hacked/Tracked

Hackers need a medium to communicate with your device to hack it. So, will turning the Airplane mode on or completely switching off your device will prevent hackers from getting into it? Probably not. If your device has already been hacked, switching off or turning on Airplane mode may not help.

10. More RAM Means Better Performance 

There are a lot of people who think that a higher amount of RAM in a device results in a great performance, and end up buying the wrong device. However, for smooth performance, there are several factors responsible.

Hence, a device can’t be judged based on the amount of RAM it has. A higher amount of RAM can hold more applications in the background when compared to a device with less RAM. So, while selecting your next smartphone compare things like SOC and GPU.

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