The just-concluded Community Connect which happened to be the fourth edition hosted by Abia Tech Hub started at around 3pm with TMK welcoming the guests and giving them an insight about what to expect at the event.

As traditional, a brief introduction of the hub was given, explaining the services we render and why Community Connect, which happens every fortnight was birthed. 

The floor was thrown open to the attendees to give a brief introduction of themselves and interestingly, we had people from different fields ranging from Tech to engineering and even to the medical field amongst many others that were present at the event.

Additionally, TMK  started the conversation by asking how many people had an idea of the concept WEB 3.0. And NFTs


The first topic TG started with was the concept of WEB 3.0 and why and how it started he also chipped in that there is also a concept called the web 4 but our major interest was the Web 3, he gave a little insight into how the internet came about in the year 1954 with some group of guys from the US military who created the internet so as to be able to store data to avoid loss he also went ahead to educate that it was Steve Jobs that first invented the personalized computer but was taken from him by the military and sold and that was how the internet came about but people could only send messages through a console.

He stated that Tim Berner Lee invented Web 1 and that it was the first generation of the internet where you could only watch videos and type. 

Then in the year 2000, Web 2 was birthed and that was how Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn kicked off so people started to make videos online and post but then there was a problem with web 2 which was the fact that it was centralized which meant that it was controlled by one person.

Dave took over and further explained the difference between Web 2 & Web 3, stating that a DNS is a system that marks domain names that we can explain and that it is the major difference between the two webs. He also further explained the meaning of single-point failure which means that it is one person against the users so if the app shuts down the money and data are gone which was the concept of Web 2 but with Web 3 you can control your own wealth or content it is decentralized which translates to it being user-owned content.


In addition, he talked about DLT which means Distributed Ledger Technology, Bitcoin which is a digital currency and blockchain,  he said the same people introduced Bitcoin and Blockchain, Blockchain means an immutable ledger technology which means that once data is being added there it cannot change.

TMK however asked how our information is tracked since the communication is end-to-end encrypted and Dave answered that they do not have the capability to track conversations because they are end-to-end encrypted but that they can only track data such as pictures and videos. 

He also stated that there are two different types of end to end encryption which are;

  • Cryptography
  •  Hashing

Mr. Fortune asked that blockchain be further explained to him and Dave again replied that Blockchain is a decentralized immutable network and that in a decentralized network, data is boxed in a box of all boxes which is the blockchain.

He also elucidated the difference between blockchain and bitcoin.

Blockchain removes trust and makes us live in a trustless society while bitcoin as a currency depends on people having the need to use or own it.

Mercy also asked how decentralized Web 3 is, as a lot of people on social media still complain of their accounts being hacked.

Kelechi answered her by explaining that everything boils down to end-to-end encryption.

Dave then started to summarize by delving into the meaning of NFT and what it is about. Meanwhile, he pointed out that NFTs are non-fungible tokens.

We ended the event with some light refreshments and everyone went home fully informed about the Web 3.0. Please do well to join us in the next edition coming very soon.

Other Highlights of the event in images.

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