The fifth edition of the just concluded community connect hosted by Abia Tech Hub was a very engaging and exciting event. It started off with TMK welcoming the guests as custom and thanking them for always making out time to honor the invitation of the Hub every Community Connect Friday and immediately after that, the floor was thrown open to everyone for introductions. This is so that networks and connections can be established amongst each other.


The topic for the event was “BUILDING BUSINESS ON THE CLOUD” and frankly, this was a very vital and eye-opening topic. 

TMK commenced by talking to us about Marketing and how marketing works, then narrowed it down to Affiliate marketing. At this point, he threw the floor open to everyone who was present at the event, especially those who had an idea of what affiliate marketing is, the definitions were provided by a good number of people and we started to delve into the real meaning of affiliate marketing and how it really works. This posed a very controversial discussion because while a lot of people saw affiliate marketing as a form of networking, a good number of others saw it as a form of marketing.  It was on that note that Julie explained to us that affiliate marketing is not a form of networking like most of us see it, she explained that there is a lot of misconception about affiliate marketing, especially in Nigeria, she further said that Affiliate marketing is a type of referral marketing where an affiliate marketer serves as the middle man between a producer and a consumer. She also said with affiliate marketing, one does not necessarily need to own a product but be able to sell the product, while the conversation was still ongoing, mannie asked why people pay to learn Affiliate Marketing and Julie answered that people do not really pay for Affiliate marketing but for the package that comes with it which includes some soft skills like; content writing, copywriting, email writing, how to generate leads and how to make your products sellable.

Moving forward, Daniel also established that there is a difference between Marketing and selling, he said, marketing is the act of identifying the needs of a particular target and making necessary efforts to satisfy such market while selling is convincing people to buy the product, which also construes that Marketing is broad and has a lot of branches. 

After that we went in-depth to talk about other different types of marketing and the different market strategies to implore when marketing to people because when it comes to marketing, demographics play a huge role which means when you know your target audience, you know how to pass your message across.

After talking explicitly about the meaning of marketing, types of marketing, and how we can market our products and make sales outside of social media we delved into how we can promote our business on the cloud, which basically translates to how we can promote our business using the internet and social media.


 At this point, TMK talked about how we can start small by thinking outside the box and being creative with our thoughts. He also recounted how he started making money off the internet by buying and selling products from Aliexpress when the internet hadn’t become as widespread as it is now. He also stated that Entrepreneurs should grab the opportunity of promoting their businesses online by first monetizing their business, adding that entrepreneurs can also make use of online stores like Amazon, Ali_express, Shopify, and other online stores where people can sell their products, he also talked about the need to know your target audience because knowing your target audience makes you market your products effectively.

We also went further to discuss how businesses can be monetized on all social media platforms especially youtube where you’re not just paid for creating content but also get prospective customers by showcasing your business there.


In summary, we all encouraged each other to take advantage of the internet, because businesses can be promoted extensively on social media and this can be done from the comfort of your home without any physical stores, being that the world is becoming a virtual community and the need for social media cannot be overemphasized. Please do well to follow us on all our social media platforms to keep tabs on when the next community connect would be happening!

other highlights include;

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