Community Connect: The Second Edition

Abia Tech Hub, in line with her mission, deemed it fit to bring young creative tech lovers together in this event titled Community Connect.

The last event which took place on the 11th of March 2022 saw young people gather at a neutral table to pour their hearts and thoughts out on the speed at which innovations have occurred in technology. Prior to the last event on 11th March 2022, Abia Tech hub held its maiden Community Connect on the 26th of February 2022. 

The Highlights Of The Events Are As Follows:


The event began with a welcome address by the CEO of Abia Tech Hub, who welcomed and thanked the attendees for making themselves available for the event. Followed was an introduction of the hub and the services it renders. 

An interactive session began with the attendees talking about what they learned from the first episode of the event, some of which included the exposure to tech, how it fits into several industries, and new technologies that keep coming into the space.

This led to arguments about either speed or control being the most important asset in catching up with the tech space.


A board game of chess was briefly introduced to the attendees. The attendees were divided into two groups to compete against each other. This was very engaging as even newbies were not left out of the game. At the end, the winners were awarded an opportunity to use the hub’s co-working space for free.


After this, the event was thrown open to all attendees. The key discussion this time surrounded politics and development. Everyone made their contribution and discussed how government policies affect the adoption of technology by the people. 

It was advised that the government should make favorable policies towards the adoption of technology, else Nigerians will be left behind because the pace at which innovation is occurring in technology is enormous.

At the end of the discussions, questions were asked and clarifications were made by authorities in each field.

The uniqueness of Community Connect is in its purpose of bringing young minds together. This event gives everyone the opportunity to air their views and make contributions on issues relating to the tech world.

The interesting thing is the fact that Abia Tech Hub hosts this event subsequently. You don’t have to stay in your closets anymore.

Anticipate the next Community Connect!!!  

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