Community Connect: Third Edition


The third edition of the Community Connect event hosted by Abia Tech Hub began with a welcome speech, thanking everyone for being in attendance, followed by an introduction of the hub, its services and the purpose of the gathering.

The attendees were asked to introduce themselves and their areas of interest. We had in our midst, individuals in tech enthusiasts, business-inclined individuals, fabric consultants, media personnel, land surveyors, etc.

 The conversation kicked off by asking the attendants how long they have been in the city and how their experience has been so far.

The responses ranged from 1 week to over 5 years with most of the newbies being NYSC members deployed to the city to exercise their one-year mandatory service.

Some described their experience as a mix of good and not-so-great experiences but all of which encouraged their self-development while the new-dwellers simply outlined the differences between the city and where they came from. A ground of agreement mentioned, though, was that the city has great potential and untapped opportunities.

Topics of Discussion

We proceeded to share what we had learned within the previous week and had comments from attendees like Mannie who talked about how Phosphorus can possibly give Morocco world power with its over 70% of the world’s synthesized phosphorus which aids in agriculture.

A question was asked as to why Nigeria is not paying attention to the benefits of the Agricultural sector and this led to comments on how the spirit of Nigerians spirit is too broken to fight back for what is right, how lack of accountability still remains a political issue and how the ignorance of Nigerians plays a major role in the lack of development.

This further led to laid-out suggestions on how people can work together to develop their immediate communities. TMK commented that one of the ways to achieve this is by building more businesses for global communities, rather than businesses for smaller groups that only solve immediate and not long-term problems.

Stone asked, in networking and building communities, how people can avoid ideas theft, making references to major tech companies who are rumored to have had a foundation on stolen ideas. 

Additionally, Daniel also raised concerns about how an environment that isn’t conducive to accommodating such big ideas may affect one’s reach.

Chidoski of Love FM, TMK and Nadic shared their experiences on how they navigated through the challenges of the city and set up or joined businesses, paying less attention to just the state of the environment and finding the market they are passionate about.

The event ended with people speaking about capitalizing on the internet and how confusing the concept of Web 3.0 is. It was suggested that we pick out a day to really talk about it and clear some misconceptions on the subject.

Anticipate the next Community Connect where will break down what Web 3.0 is all about.

Other Highlights From The Event:

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