Every Girl can code!


Information technology is greatly getting to its peak and occupying a great percentage of the world labor force. In today’s world, women have become part of this movement as there is a gradual increase of women in the technology sector now than there was in past years.

One may ask; what is it like being a woman in information technology career? Well, as far as you are a woman, every career will be more privileged to have you in it. The Information Technology world is male dominated but not masculine. Research has shown that only 22% of women workforce is in ICT with a great percentage in e-commerce and enterprise solutions. What then happens to women in other sectors of IT like; coding/ programming, hacking, web development, cyber security, etc. This might be said to be as a result of the general misconception that only men can excel and give a company the IT services they require.

The world is evolving now and is at the point where people are no longer judged by their gender but by their efficacy. The Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) adopted in 1979 by the United Nations General Assembly has created a great lead for this. The participation of women in tech is on a positive bearing. In short, the future of women in tech looks very bright. Let us not forget that the future is already here.
The information technology industry needs more women working in and leading the industry in order for technology innovations to truly reflect the society they serve. People need to know that Girls can code and program. And that women programming means 100% efficiency. IT should be used as a great equalizer for women and as a tool to make the world around us better.
Many women have set the pace in programming and coding like- Lady Lovelace who was the first programmer, the six female mathematicians employed by ENIAC that manipulated ENIAC to calculate missile trajectories, Elizabeth Feinler who everyone had to go to if you needed a web address, Goldberg was a lone female researcher among a group of men who built the Smalltalk-80 programming Language and the Graphical User Interface (GUI) and is said to be an inspiration behind the development of Apple and many more. Let us keep the trail blazing. Every Girl can code!

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