Digital technology has significantly changed the way we work. These days,businesses that lack digital skills are left behind; these skills can be anything from answering emails to uploading documents online to digital marketing and the list goes on. Creating a digital environment in a workplace and equipping employees with the right skill allows a business the flexibility of reaching online and offline clients. Here are the reasons why digital skills cannot be overrated:

  • DIGITAL SKILLS CAN INTENSIFY BUSINESS PRODUCTIVITY. With the right training, employees can use digital technology to become more productive at work for example; digital documents can be created, stored and accessed more efficiently than the printed versions. But that can only be possible when employees know how to locate and use them effectively.
  • DIGITAL SKILLS CAN HELP TO DEVELOP A COMPETITIVE EDGE According to Microsoft In the next two decades, 90 percent of jobs will require some form of digital skill and there will be a very high demand for technical skill to give businesses more advantage over others within their market. By investing in the right training, your business can stay ahead of competition.
  • DIGITAL SKILLS CAN PROVIDE NEW WAYS OF WORKING Technology progresses with time and so businesses that embrace these changes will reap the benefits of a highly satisfying workforce. Creating new tools will aid effective communication per time and this would go a long way in increasing productivity and beating deadlines.
  • DIGITAL SKILS CAN HELP INCREASE REVENUE Most businesses now recognize the need for a strong online presence to help increase sales. Traditional forms of sales and marketing are becoming outdated as consumers move from analog towards digital channels to make the final purchase. If businesses hope to increase revenue, they need to be where their customers are, using a range of digital skills to engage, persuade and drive demand through preferred online channels is the best thing that can happen to any business.
  • DIGITAL SKILLS ALLOW BUSINESSES TO BUILD CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP Consumers spend more time online and this creates high demand for an improved online experience. Businesses can respond to the changing expectations by engaging their customers and building relationships through diverse means. This could be done via emails, engaging social media contents, mobile apps and so on. It is of great importance for employees to have to the ability to ensure that their online customers enjoy their online experience while on their site/page.Abia tech hub is strong, reliable and committed to supporting individuals and firms across Nigeria to help them get the most out of skills training opportunity and nurture workforce talent. To know more, please contact our team of friendly advisors to find out how we can help your business.

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