How to survive in the tech industry: playing the survival game

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The Tech Game-Play

The tech industry for the past decades has been on the survival game, of which many are still not aware of, let’s take the Kodak tech company as a case study.


In July 12, 1854 George Eastman was born and in 1888 he gave birth to a brand called ‘Kodak’ that went to become a household brand in every part of the world. Yet in the year 2012, Kodak filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. We don’t know how George Eastman would have reacted to this, but many of us regretfully miss the Kodak moments.

This simply shows that sustainability in the tech world is not solely dependent on the business expansion, even the biggest of  the tech company in the world can fail, because the competition is strategically aggressive though subtle.  

Many prominent brands such as Samsung, Motorola, HP, Xerox, Lucent, GM, IBM, are fighting the survival battle successfully, they seem to understand the gameplay and play by the rules. One can associate technological disruptions, shrinking economies, pandemic outbreaks etc. as the real culprits. On the other hand Apple, Google, Amazon, Facebook and many others seem to have mastered the trick of survival and are growing like wild fire.

Every institution, immaterial of their scale, be it private sector, government or non-profit is fighting the same battle. They are constantly challenged to evolve and become fit for the future. If they don’t, they perish.

How to survive in the tech industry

Read the last paragraph again if you have to, because therein lies the first secret for surviving the tech industry battle, the first secret for making it to the top is the act of evolving.


The world  by its nature is changing, so fast that you can hardly notice, and these changes are simply a product of changes in the human desires and wants. Every single day, people are in need for  more better ways of doing things and solving problems and these people are either your customers or your competitors.

To be on top of your own game, you don’t just need to meet the status-qua, you have to constantly beat it by changing with increased creativity. To be a leader in your industry, you simple have to take the lead, most times, that could mean others learning from you because you are “new” everyday.

Consider programming frameworks for example, it’s like at every blink of an eye, a new one is out, the the more new one’s come out, the more the old frameworks phases out. Coral Draw seems to be loosing in with the Photoshop battle, because, for ever new day in the adobe company, they have something new, they are always evolving.

To survive in the tech industry, you’ve got to bring something new to the table, almost everyday.

Build on a strong culture

As much as constant change is something needed to remain successful in the tech industry, it is also very important to hold onto primary organizational convictions, culture and values, as a system to checkmate superiority and maintain some unique value prepositions.

Some companies have made the mistake of evolving out of their culture, sooner or later they realized that something they used to believe to be their mission statement is now a thing of the past, this kind of company did not evolve, they failed.Have you seen why it’s tricky to survive in the tech industry?   

This ends the story

To summarize, every leader, business or employee that wants to stand out in the tech industry, must be wise as the serpent and be gentle like dove.

First, you adopt the gorilla attack in evolving though keeping to your standards and values so as to make you stand out.

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