In an increasing digital world, it’s no secret that the mounting pressure to be successful in tech is taking its tool on employees. A whopping 58% of tech employees report to experiencing imposter syndrome currently in their careers. In this article we will dive into what imposter syndrome is, its causes and the effects it has on women in tech and how to overcome it . Imposter syndrome stems from an acute sense of self-doubt and is generally described as something similar to the feeling of believing you are an imposter.

In other words someone who isn’t intelligent, creative or generally worthy of their own success despite evidence of your achievement. Simply put imposter syndrome is the experience of feeling like a phony you feel as though at any moment you are going to be found out as a fraud. Like you don’t belong where you are, and you only got there through dumb luck. It can affect anyone no matter their social status, work background, skill level or degree of expertise. Imposter syndrome is a persistent malaise in the technology industry and although it also applies to men, women are usually more affected. this shortage of female role models in the tech industry also helps to reinforce the perception that career in the tech industry are generally not for women. The bias against women in the tech industry can also be seen in the kind of role assigned to them.

One study found out that women in the tech industry are more to be pushed into roles termed as EXECUTION roles, which are generally non-technical; men on the other hand are more likely to be assigned the more technical creator roles. For instances, the top position for women in tech industry is project manager, whereas the top position for men in tech is software Engineer. This bias is based off the stereotype that women are not good in technical roles.

The Way Forward

Having established that there is a huge gender gap, there are a number of steps that can be taken to increase the number of women working in tech industry. these include;.

1.The industry should get involved in educating students about tech and its role in shaping the world

2.Increased access to tech careers

3.Increased visibility of female role models in the industry .

The best way to get females interested in tech careers is to show them that tech is not a male dominated field, and the most-effective way of doing this is by increasing the number of visible female role models in the industry. Fortunately, women are increasingly holding the top and highly visible positions in big tech companies.


If you are feeling like an imposter, it means you have some degree of success in your life that you are attributing to luck. Try instead to turn that feeling into one of gratitude. Look at what you have accomplished in your life and be grateful. Don’t be crippled by your fear of being found out. Instead, lean into that feeling and get at its roots. Let your guard down and let others see the real you. If you’ve done all these things still feel like you’re feeling of being an imposter is holding you back, it is important to speak to a mental health professional.

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