Introducing our new generation educational Technology

Skooltool schooltool

A good time to go digital

So far we have arrived in the long awaited era of digital education.

We understand the profound demand placed on technology for more innovative ways of doing things easier and faster , or maybe even more enduring.


The educational sector is no exemption, everybody is looking at how best technology can be adopted in education, not necessarily because of the current world pandemic, but in preparation for the next generation educational system, education will go digital.

This is no prediction nor prophesy, but the modern day reality.

 Our technology is developed to serve two primary purposes for every learning establishment of all sizes.

Cloud interactive learning ecosystem

 With this technology we are replicating the offline learning scenario in the digital world, making it possible for teachers & students interact seamlessly across the internet.

Students can access their lecture notes using their laptops or smartphones, anytime from anywhere. Our technology was designed to be responsive across all device types.

In addition to building a complete digital learning ecosystem, assignments & test can be given and taken online, Computer based test(exams online) inclusive.

We have the teachers in mind too

Seamlessly interactive

Teachers can prepare lecture notes uniquely, our writing software allows teachers to document lecture notes in the best format suitable for the students understanding.

Teachers can take comprehensive attendance with a well structured analytical report on their student’s performances.

Ease Data Management:

Data management is another solution we are providing with this technology.

Manual data entry and acquisition can be cumbersome, time consuming and comes with a high potential error, but this is no problem using our technology.

cloud storage

Data and results assembling can be done online with ease and accessible anytime and from anywhere.


Early adopters of this technology will not only have the benefit of massive deployment discount but will be among the leaders in the incoming technological wave.

In the end we are building a solution that will serve bot the immediate needs of the present and more needs into the nearest future.

Skoolool School Tool: The better way to do it……

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