Outside your Certificates, have you ever thought about acquiring relevant skills in this Tech-Driven economy?

Most people have this misconception about the impact of schooling on one’s life. 

A school is an institution at which instruction is given in a particular discipline. The school system is an establishment providing formal education from kindergarten through high school.

The school provides a balanced education, which helps to promote a child’s psychological and mental growth. Besides academics, children also learn a wide range of important life skills like good manners, teamwork, sharing, responsibility, and unity.

The school contributes to the mental, physical, social, and overall development of the child. Education through schooling gives us the ability to change our life by opening successful pathways. It provides for us a better future because learning new things and majoring in things that we like could give us better opportunities. Education through schooling is a formal pathway to a better life because it gives us knowledge that would help us in the future.

The hard reality is that what; You Learn in School Does Not Guarantee Your Success In Life. Rather, the knowledge you gain in school enables you to be able to set goals that mean something to you and therefore stick with what it takes to achieve those goals. Just as you would have set a definite purpose of making an A in all your subjects, the school system prepares you in life to set a defined goal.


MANAGEMENT SCIENCE QUALIFICATIONS: The conventional management science qualification would include, Business Management, Finance Degree, Marketing Degree, Entrepreneurship Degree, International Business Degree Specialization, Human Resource Management Degree Specialization, Operations Management Degree, Project Management Degree. Management-related relevant skills would include, User Experience(UX) skills, Digital Marketing skills, Data Analysis skills, Web Analytics skills, and other Tech related business skills.

ENGINEERING QUALIFICATION: Chemical engineering, Civil engineering, Electrical engineering, Industrial engineering, Mechanical engineering, and many other specialized fields in Engineering would make up the conventional Engineering qualification. In this emerging digital economy, it will be an added advantage for a qualified engineer to have Artificial Intelligence(AI) skills, programming skills, Data Science skills, project management skills, and a host of other important Digital and Tech skills.

COMPUTER SCIENCE QUALIFICATION: A computer science graduate should be well-grounded with Digital and Technical skills such as programming, modeling, UI/UX design, Software development, Artificial Intelligence(AI), Data Science, cloud computing, and many other relevant tech skills.

Therefore, combining your educational qualification with a tech skill makes you work more efficiently, boosts your confidence, and makes you a more valuable candidate for employers. There are tech academies outside the conventional schools where one can acquire these skills. 

People within Abia State and its environs can do well to locate AbiaTechHub to acquire these skills or can contact us directly for further information.

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