Managing the five senses in technological innovation

Does the emotional state of the customer matters when building technological products?

Technological product innovation in the past decades has evolved past architectural complexity, language or framework choice and many other handy materials needed to make an amazing product, there is something more important in a product that developers and product managers ignore.

In our article thinking customer into product innovation, we emphasized on the necessity for product managers and developers  to always consider the customers before setting out to write their codes, you can read up the article.

Among many other things that makes Apple unique, this one thing will amaze you, “Steve job” calls it “manufacturing delight”:

Manufacturing delight was partially a matter of reacting to products and ideas with all five senses: How would they sound? How would they feel? Even, how would they smell?


The difference in not the technology

The major difference with good products is more about how the customers perceived the products , more that the technology upon which it built on. To get this right, one may ask?

Programming Frameworks

How would they see? How would they hear? How would they feel? How would they smell? How would they taste?

Although customers may not respond to a product completely using the five senses, but the idea is to know that customer’s response to a product is first psychological.

Take the best products in the world for instance and analyze customers response to them, how do customers see Apple, how do the feel about facebook? What have they heard about Google, Instagram, or Netflix?

From the above analysis, one can rightly say that the best products are not ranked based on the technology upon which it was built, but on upon the multitude of psychological response given to it.

Things to consider on your next project

As much as there are special preferences on technology, this should not overrule the most important thing when it comes to building anything, that important things is the psychological feedback given to the product you are building.

As a product or marketing  manager, you should always consider the human five senses of reception while handling a project, if you want it to be very successful.

How would customers feel about the project? How would they see it? What would the hear about it? What would the taste be like? (consumables) And how would it smell?

Can developers handle this?

An average developer cares more about writing the algorithm to solve a stated problem, meaning that they has less or no time to think about how the customers feel about their codes.


But what use is the code when it is not solving the problem effectively?

For developers to handle the five sense of customers reception, it should all be summarized within the stated problem their codes are supposed to solve, because if their codes can solve the problem, they are obeying the law of the fives senses in product innovation.

Going back to our question from the beginning of this article, “Yes”, the emotional response of customers to our product does matters and should considered and rightly managed.

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