You have probably heard of the saying, Give a man a fish, and he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish, and he eats for a lifetime. That old cliché gets thrown around quite a bit in educational circles, but what really goes into inspiring people to become independent, lifelong learners? Read on to learn more about learning and how to make it more effective.

Whatever you do don’t think ever think that you can’t learn on your own. With the internet, there are hundreds of options available to you. Learning isn’t just about classrooms and exams, it’s about having a wide and unblinkered view of the world and knowing what is going on in it. It’s about identifying your weaknesses and strengthen them. It’s about discovering the skills you feel you need to improve yourself or increase your chances for a promotion or raise at work. Here are a number of ways that you can continue learning without the help of traditional academia.

  1. Read Current News

A great way to self educate is to keep up to date with current news, events and affairs around the world. It is to read the news and know what is happening in the world. You don’t have to buy newspapers, news and information is now available online. Set aside at least 30 minutes per day to browse the internet for news. You can also watch videos, join discussions and share interesting article with family and friends in social media, or you can sign up to news outlets mailing list and they will send you their main headlines in an automated mail each day.

  • Signup for Online Courses

One of the many wonders of the World Wide Web is the ability to learn within the confides of our home or offices. The classroom is no longer the only place you can learn things. If you want to educate yourself on a topic or skill or subject, find and sign up for an online course. For example, there are different courses on different languages that are taught 100% online with no need to even leave your place of comfort. You can teach yourself pretty much anything online this days or at least the absolute basic things. Great places to find affordable or even free online classes are Udemy, Coursera, Linda.

  • Find a mentor

Whatever industry or profession you want to work in, there is someone else who has done it before you. Others have years of knowledge and experience above you, they don’t necessarily want to keep all that to themselves. Finding a mentor who is happy to teach you what they know could be a life changing experience for you and sometimes even more valuable than another degree.

  • The Arts

Valuable lessons are not just learned through subjects like maths and science. The arts are also a gold mine of valuable lessons best of all many arts can be done by yourself or taught by yourself. You may

even be able to find a free local class or a free co working environment where you can meet like mind people. Not only will you learn new skills but you will also learn things about yourself by being creative and exploring a new side of yourself. No matter whatever always continue to educate yourself because.