One reason tech companies fail.

A developer or a tech boss?

What comes to your mind when you hear the word “tech-company?”

 Some people jump right into building a tech organization simply because they know how to a program or code a particular language, that’s a good qualification, but that not all you need to build a sustainable tech institution, a lot has to go in.

 For some reasons, most tech start-ups fail, is it the strategy? No!

As much as strategy definition and alignment plays a very important role in scaling any business, executing the strategy is the most important part of it.

One real reason for your organization to fail is not wrong Strategy, but its poor execution. To ensure that does not happen, there are certain skills and experience that are critical :

Understand the difference between strategy and strategy execution:

Sometimes it is difficult to acknowledge that one is more of a “thinker” than a “doer”. Most persons in tech organizations are thinkers, their job mainly is to figure the best way of getting things done, at the end of the day present you with a bulky dossiers of executable strategy on how to solve that particular problem.

Bulky strategy dossiers don’t matter when it comes to implementation. People who submit such dossiers and leave implementation to you are not the right people to implement strategy. Instead, you will need change agents who are going to work side-by-side to implement your strategy.

Remember, algorithm thinking is a prerequisite for measuring proficiency in product development(coding especially), so these guys know how to think and think again, but here is the problem.

So it is natural to differentiate between “change agents” and “thinkers” if you really want to see result

Aggression is not execution, execution is strategic:

Most leaders approve the show of aggression as good execution-ability. Don’t fall for this, aggression sometimes can be a product of inferiority complex or insecurity in most start-up.

 As a leader in your organization, you need to understand that execution is a skill that requires good precision, patience, judgment, clarity and persistence. Strategy Implementation is both an art and science of execution.

Professionals with proven functional expertise in areas such as Business Transformation, Change Management, Finance, Risk, Technology & Leadership Development would really matter.

Yes, you may lack such expertise in your little start up team, but while you grow, build it along with your visions.

Let’s be real

In a nutshell, the right strategy implementation will stitch together your organization to fulfill your strategy goal, remember the reason tech organizations fail is not strategy, it is execution!

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