Shattering The Glass Ceiling For Female Programmers.

I once read an article by Karin Verspoor about coding. It began thus;

I menstruate and I code.

Karin Verspoor

It may sound funny and somewhat personal but I want to believe that she said that to make a point. The point being that a woman can also code. Not all women are journalists, lawyers, or into fashion. Most women love to code and actually excel at it.

Contrary to the popular belief that majority of women are distracted by their hormonal cycles. Sometimes women are made fun of when people say that their eyelashes wouldn’t allow them see the screen clearly.
These explanations are obviously ridiculous and have the aim of mocking women who code, and herein lies the problem. If women cannot be taken seriously as coders, what hope do they have that they will be respected or taken seriously when they assume leadership positions in a male dominated organization?

The existence of gender disparity in the top tiers of coding organizations have far reaching implications for female employees, and can tarnish the reputation of the brand if not handled correctly.
In order to break the glass ceiling that gender disparity has formed, or at least in an attempt to crack it, organisations should eliminate obstacles that prevent women from advancing , and also create a conducive working environment that help them work collaboratively to achieve their goals.

Another way of cracking the glass ceiling is that women need to consider themselves equal players in the game in order for it to become a reality.

Finally, women need to support other women who are on their way up. Not by making them feel like they’re the last women to attain that height.
“Women supporting women” should be practiced genuinely and consciously, so that the women who are on their way to the top will be encouraged and also believe that that their goals are attainable


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