Nowadays, we see so many notifications on social media about tech events around the world. Some of us are filled with endless thoughts like, “ why these meet-ups?” “Why should I spend my weekends or holidays attending these meet-ups”  or even  “What are they for?.

Tech meet-ups are for anyone who has an interest in Information Technology, be it coding, content creation, Graphics (UI/UX) and so much more, they are mostly free events in your locality, held in bars, malls, or office spaces, It also involves presentations, discussions, and breakouts. 

In Tech meet-ups, you sometimes find hiring managers get together to discuss technology, Innovations, entrepreneurship, problems, and solutions. 

There also is a vast array of opportunities to learn, sell brands, and of course share relevant information. 

Here are some of the reasons why you should attend one:

  1. Networking: You get to meet a lot of people from a wide range of fields. There are coders who write codes in other programming languages, Doctors who use technology for better patient management, business folks who use technology to enhance productivity and profit, and also students who would love to build a career in technology. This serves as an avenue to connect with these people with different views and visions about the same technology. 
  1. Improving your public speaking skills: Some meet-ups have limited keynote sessions, these include some sessions like self-introduction, flash talk about your experience, and so on, So definitely, those platforms serve as an opportunity to improve your public speaking skills to attract an audience. 
  2. Acquiring new information: When we attend these meet-ups, we gain a lot of information within a short time and get to know the basic idea of technology, best practices, and other relevant information that can enhance our career growth. All this information come in handy because you find yourself surrounded by people of similar interests. 
  3. Sharing ideas.  Most of us have innovative ideas which we intend to bring to light and do not have the platforms to make that happen also, people around us do not understand or share similar interests.  But In tech meet-ups, you stand a chance of meeting someone or people who have the same passion as you, whom you can relate to these ideas and probably join forces with like minds to bring them to reality. 

The relevance of Tech events cannot be over-emphasized. It has many benefits that you as an individual can harness to better your life and that of your society at large.

At Abia Tech Hub, we host a yearly event called Tech-Flock  You can find out more by clicking here. 

We also host a Bi-weekly event called the Community Connect where we the young people of Umuahia, gather on the Fridays of this event to talk about different topics ranging from Tech to business, and even down to politics. You can also catch up on the previous editions here on our blog.

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