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Technology's excellent role in our society today has been proven countlessly to be one that the community at large cannot do without.

Abia Tech Hub has been on the frontline championing this cause to ensure that the Abia community and the world at large are sensitized to the numerous opportunities that the tech industry presents.


ThankGod Maduka Kalu(TMK) the CEO and founder of Abia Tech Hub, and the Convener of TechFlock whose vision is to bring positive change to Abia State and South East in general by influencing the minds of the people positively and exposing them to the numerous opportunities that tech presents succinctly briefed the guest on how and why Techflock was birthed and how it has evolved from the year 2020 till now


It is in this regard that the third edition of TechFlock was held on the 29th and 30th of July, 2022 at the Micheal Okpara Auditorium Umuahia.  This year’s TechFlock event was themed The Future Of Work.


TechFlock 2022 saw innovators, tech enthusiasts, students, business persons, and industry experts come together to discuss and share ideas on the numerous benefits the tech industry presents in our society of today. It also allowed start-ups to present their ideas on a viable platform and ensured that like-minds networked with each other.


TechFlock 2022 hosted several experienced speakers from all works of life that ensured they shared their success stories to inspire the young aspiring ones into reaching their goals in life. Some of the speakers and the topic they spoke on include;

  • Thankgod Maduka Kalu: TG as fondly called is the CEO of Abia Tech Hub and a Senior Software Craftsman. He is also the convener of the annual TechFlock event which has been held annually since its inception in 2020. He explained majorly that start-ups with great ideas can no longer be limited by funds in reaching the global market. He further explained that there are Venture Capitalist firms that are willing to invest heavily in start-ups, early stage, and emerging companies.

  • Godfrey Kelechukwu (Your Finances vs The Economy): Godfrey, K.G. is a Millennial Banker with the foremost financial institution in Nigeria, Finance Coach, and Business Strategist. The major takeout in his session is that one has to create value and be a problem solver to navigate the biting inflation in the economy of today.

  • Divine Emole (Beyond the Job): The attitude to work) Pastor Divine Emole is a priest, writer, speaker, and entrepreneur who is married with two sons. According to Pastor Divine, he explained that “ an innovator is someone that picks what has been created before, recreates or reproduces it so that it can meet more needs and solve more problems”. He also explained the difference between a job and work stating that the difference between the both is the attitude. He further explained that “a job is what you do for pay while work is that which you do to create something”.

  • Daniel Chinagozi (The Hybrid Future - Traditional and Virtual Workspaces): Daniel Chinagozi is the founder of Innovative Growth Hub Technology. He spoke majorly on how the future of work entails using technology and its tools to bridge the gap between the traditional and a virtual workspace.

  • Kalu Jane Peter(Digital Marketing): Kalu jane peter popularly known as (KJ Spot) is an entrepreneur, speaker, and rural Girl Empowerment Advocate whose life statement is to deliver Excellence and Results with Integrity spoke on the topic “Digital marketing”. The major take-home for us from her session was “ to know your target audience by planning and audience profiling” which would help you to know your target audience when you see them.

  • Kachi Eze (Influence of Branding on Consumer Behaviour): Kachi fondly called (Dr.Poe) is the founder and chairman of Poe International a branding company spoke on the influence of branding on consumer behavior. One of his favorite quotes is that “the difference between a rich person and a poor person is the way they think and the environmental possibilities around them”.


Both days of the TechFlock event left the attendees yearning for more as it was packed with so much fun, networking, and knowledge acquisition. All the speakers that spoke at the event brought in their A-Game and delivered just as expected.

The attendees were also mind-blown by the Panel discussion. They were able to ask questions directly to the members of the panel and their questions were answered by experts satisfactorily.


The event had other highlights such as;


In his closing remark, ThankGod Maduka Kalu, the CEO of Abia Tech Hub and the convener of TechFlock specially thanked everyone who made this year’s TechFlock event a successful one.

It has been established repeatedly that in our emerging market, having a tech skill and being in a community of like-minds would be of immense benefit.

Here at Abia Tech Hub, we are equipped with experienced tutors that will see to your development in any tech career of your choice. We also host a bi-weekly Community Connect where like-minds come together to discuss emerging trends in the world.

Abia Tech Hub is definitely where you will want to be. Contact us through;

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