“Stop telling girls they can be anything they want when they grow up… not because they can’t, but because it would have never occurred to them that they couldn’t.” Sarah Silverman

We live in a society where the abilities of a woman are often limited; women are made to believe there are things they should or shouldn’t do by virtue of their gender. The truth however is that there is no limit to a woman’s ability; she can be a mother as much as an engineer, a programmer, or even a president if she wants to.


While women constantly struggle to thrive in male dominated spaces such as technology, they are faced with certain limitations that sometimes pose as treats and can hinder career growth and productivity if not handled properly. Some of these issues include:


Being the only female in a team of bad ass techies can sometimes be frustrating. There are tendencies you would doubt your abilities or feel undeserving of a sit on the table especially when your team is made up of insensitive male colleagues. It’s difficult to fit into an environment when you are constantly reminded that you that you are different. In fact, majority of the problems encountered in tech spaces today are due to the cluelessness of male teammates than anything else. In most cases, there is no ‘INTENT’ to offend but when men feel overly conscious of offending the women in their workspace, it births a sense of loneliness and insecurity.

The Glass Ceiling

In the tech sector, a man is considered “more fit” for a job than his female counterpart. A woman in tech needs to have a little ‘EXTRA’ than her male colleagues to be taken seriously. This challenge also arises when women qualify to attain leadership roles, if she fails at it, it could affect the chances of other qualified women in the organization. A survey conducted by HackerRank found that 20.4% of women over the age of 35 in the tech sector remain in junior level positions, in contrast to just 5.9% of men over the age of 35. Actually, the survey found that women are more likely than men to hold junior level positions in the tech industry, regardless of their age. Source: ISE (ICT Solutions & Education)

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