Thinking customers into product innovation

With the rising glamour for technological solutions, entrepreneurs and  tech organizations (especially start ups) seems to be pressured up by their stakeholders and supporters for consistent product innovation.

 Yes, innovation is the life sustain-er of technology, without a constant move to think outside the box and produce new things, there is really no fun and money in the industry, it is always necessary that tech organizations seeks for more better and profound ways of providing solutions.

However, there is one primary mistake well noticeable in most  current technological innovation.
There seem to be more attention given to the complexity and technicality that supports a product, more than the primary function the product was supposed to perform.

Every product  is designed to serve a purpose, for the customers: to solve a problem. 
So before an organisation should think of launching a new product, they should think the customers, not the complexity.

Questions to ask before product innovation

Here are a few questions to answer, before turning on the computer and writing those codes.

What is my product?

Define your product. This may sound simple, but it’s not as easy as it sounds, giving detailed answers to the product you are building is where it all starts. So..what are you really building?

What do i offer?

Discover your product value.

Here is the deal, customers are not buying your product, they are buying into the values you offer. So after building the product, what really will the customers be paying for?

Who are my target audience

Who are my solving their problems. A move into knowing your target audience broadens your understanding of your customers personal, and how to meet their needs.The worst scenario of technological innovation is not in building the wrong product, but in building a product that no one is buying.
So think it well

How do we make money?

If you will not make money from your product, then you have two major problems.   Your product will lack sustainability potency, and you will definitely get frustrated.

All the questions points out to one single solution,  think customers into product innovation process. The modern day product innovation process will take a different measuring system, it will no longer be measured by the excellence of product feature, but by how much and how well your product is solving problems for the customers. 

Glad to have you on board.

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