Nigerian economy is the major determinant factors in the Nigerian labour market, and as we all know, the Nigeria economy majorly depends on crude oil. The heavy fall in the price of crude oil has negatively affected the Nigerian’s economy, and it has cost millions of people there jobs. According to the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), unemployment rate rose to 23.1% in 2018, up from 18.1% a year earlier.

From all indications, jobs in the Nigerian labour market are getting fewer. Hence, those who have a job will do anything and everything to keep their job. This situation has made a lot of graduates confused, depressed and suicidal as most of them have remained out of job for a long while.

Despite the pathetic outlook of the Nigerian labour market, there are still sectors within this market that are booming and are economically buoyant. Most of the new jobs are from these sectors are Agriculture, Mining, Transportation, Manufacturing, Entertainment, Communications, Real Estate, Telecommunication Services, Information Technology (I.T). These sectors account for large numbers of jobs in Nigeria.

The Information Technology (I.T) sector is a booming sector, and accounts for millions of jobs in Nigeria, especially for university graduates. According to Stutern’s 2018 Nigerian Graduate Report, hi-tech companies hired over 10% of the fresh graduates in its survey. Smart Nigerians prepare themselves by acquiring skills that are needed in the Information Technology (I.T) industry which are Programming, Coding, Graphics design, Web development, Digital marketing, Ethical hacking, Block chain developer, Robotics engineering, cyber security, Artificial Intelligence etc. in order to get jobs in the Nigerian labour market.

 These skills are the major skills that will determine the fourth industrial revolution and they are already in high demands, even in Nigeria.

The smartest Nigerians will be the early birds to learn these skills, but there has been challenges learning this skills in Abia right? Well, Abia Tech Hub (ATH) is here to the rescue as we are the first Technological and innovative company in the city of Umuahia. At Abia Tech Hub, we are determined to give our students world class knowledge on digital skills and also help them build their career in these fields.

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